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Highs and Furloughs

I’m sure that for a lot of you, it has been a crazy and emotional few months… Worry, uncertainty and anxiety are no doubt, some of the emotions we have all felt during these times. I also know, that many people will still be feeling like this.

A huge factor in someone’s mental health and well being can be their employment status, which is why I wanted to hopefully give anybody who is feeling like the above, some hope that Charles Hunter Associates may be able to help.

I have felt the effects and emotions of the last few months myself, as I was placed on furlough to protect me, and our business but now I am back and looking to hire top talent again for Charles Hunters Associates.

Maybe during this pandemic, you have also been placed on furlough, been made redundant or the business you’re working for is struggling to make ends meet… Whatever the reason may be and whatever difficulty you may be facing, we are here to help and have some fantastic opportunities available across our teams.

Charles Hunter Associates are lucky to be in a market that continues to grow and that we can support vulnerable people during this pandemic by providing social workers, social carers and nurses across the country. In order to continuing to support our clients and candidates and grow as a business, we need recruitment consultants or sales professionals who want to take the next step in their career and be a part of a business that continues to build and grow.

During this pandemic, we have put specific measures in place to keep our staff safe and healthy whilst still being able to have a great culture and benefits package. We care as a business, so your mental and physical health and safety is very important to us. Of course, remote working remains in place for most staff but keeping our people involved, motivated and included is something we feel very strongly about.

So, if this sounds like an opportunity that you have been waiting for, we are actively hiring again and want to hear from you!

Please contact me to find out more information and be part of a business that continues to have fun, grow and put their people first.