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Jamil Olweny: My Recruitment Journey

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Jamil Olweny: My Recruitment Journey

The best thing about working for Charles Hunter is the people. They are supportive, welcoming and competitive ¬ in the right way! You have the opportunity to work with a team in an environment that inspires you to grow as a person. It’s a place that can match your ambition and is fun to be a part of.

I started six years ago as a Recruitment Consultant and am now Senior Recruitment Consultant. During that time there have been some ups and downs. A permanent desk can be volatile but there has always been a lot of support, understanding and encouragement.

Before joining Charles Hunter, I worked as an Events Coordinator for a number of years. The work was quite repetitive, limiting skills-wise and involved a lot of evenings and weekend shifts. I decided I wanted to work somewhere that paid commission so I’d be compensated for any extra time spent working! I also wanted something that challenged me and could make me grow as a person.

Charles Hunter Associates offer some great events throughout the year from quarterly incentives and lunch clubs to team drinks and annual trips. The team always ensures you are celebrated, and success is acknowledged!