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Care careers where you can make a difference

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Care careers where you can make a difference

There are some people for whom caring for others just comes naturally. Whether that’s as a nurse, social care professional, teacher or police officer, there are plenty of rewarding careers that allow people to make a difference every day.

If you’re considering a career where you can apply your skills in communication, empathy and compassion to improve the lives of others, the following roles could be perfect for you:

Social care professional

Social care is among the most challenging yet rewarding careers out there. Professionals in this sector work tirelessly to improve the lives of vulnerable people throughout communities, whether that’s by providing support with activities and socialising, helping to rehabilitate people following illnesses and accidents, advocating for those in vulnerable positions or helping with personal care.

Social care provides 1.62 million jobs across England, with a vacancy rate of 7.8%. This means there are plenty of opportunities to get into the sector and job security is high. Professionals build meaningful connections with those they care for and have a visible tangible impact, leading to a strong sense of professional and personal satisfaction.

With a wide range of job roles, significant opportunities for development and progression and a strong demand for skilled professionals, social care is a field with many opportunities. Roles require different levels of qualifications and experience, from school-leaver through to degree-qualified, so there’s something to suit everyone.


No two days are the same as a nurse, and few careers offer quite the same level of reward and satisfaction. Nursing is one of the cornerstones of the UK’s health service, providing jobs for 698,237 registered nurses across the UK. As the NHS staff shortage continues and Brexit threatens almost every industry, the need for nurses across the country is as strong as it’s ever been. This means there is an abundance of nursing vacancies at every level, and with 94% of students securing a job within six months of finishing their course, those with nursing degrees are among the most employable in the country.

Beyond helping to improve and save lives every day, nurses take on a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. With high levels of job satisfaction, challenging and exciting work and the ability to specialise in particular fields, there are plenty of reasons why tens of thousands of people choose to enter this industry every year.

For more on how to get into nursing, take a look at the NHS’ resources.

Police officer

Police officers drive change and keep communities safe, reducing crime and improving confidence among local people. The role is undoubtedly challenging, with a wide range of skills required and a huge range of situations to encounter every day, but is ultimately incredibly rewarding. For people who love dynamic, unpredictable situations and the ability to actively make a difference to society, this role could be perfect.

With just over 200,000 police workers around the UK, we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of officers throughout the country in recent years. There will always be demand for police staff at all levels, from volunteer officers and new police constables through to chief superintendent level.


There are currently more than 500,000 full-time teachers across the UK – and that’s before you factor in part-time and supply teachers and support staff. With 32,770 schools, a shortage of qualified teachers and a projected increase in pupil numbers in the near future, teaching staff continue to be in extremely high demand.

While the hours can be deceptively long and the workload demanding, most teachers find their career to be extremely rewarding, thanks largely to their ability to impact and shape the lives of young people. Teachers inspire creativity, build confidence, nurture ideas and encourage growth, passing on their own love of learning to pupils. It’s an ideal role for passionate leaders who care about the future generation.

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