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Compliance Kings

Compliance Kings!

We only went and did it again didn’t we! Charles Hunter Associates is celebrating it’s 5thconsecutive year of passing the highly accredited annual APSCo Compliance+ Audit. Not only did we pass but we passed with 100%!

As part of our APSCo membership, Charles Hunter Associates is audited annually to be awarded with Compliance+ Accreditation. This elite accreditation is designed to set Social Work Recruitment Agencies aside from others when it comes to standards, processes and compliance.

The annual audit comprises of thorough file and compliance auditing, process and policy auditing, detailed feedback from candidates and clients and interviews with our staff to review their understanding of compliance processes.

As a business we truly believe in having the best processes and standards that go above and beyond minimum requirements. As we grow year on year, we must retain such standards and always make sure that we are continuing to have enviable quality as a business. It is also our duty as providers of workers who help vulnerable children and adults, to ensure safeguarding and vetting is the very best it can be.

If it were not down to the hard work and commitment of our hard working staff team, then this kind of accolade would be hard to attain. Special recognition has to go to Lucy Kelly, our Compliance Officer. Lucy has been instrumental in working tirelessly towards ensuring our ongoing commitment to Compliance+ is met.

Jonathan Wadsworth, Managing Director commented“I am extremely proud of the hard work and commitment given by our staff to ensure we passed a 5thconsecutive Compliance+ Audit. And with full marks too! High standards and quality process is at the heart of the business and we will always lead the way with this”.

Charles Hunter Associates places both temporary and permanent Social Workers into jobs across the UK.