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Full steam ahead

It is late February 2019, and we are racing towards the end of Q1 already.

Last year we set some pretty adventurous targets for 2019 and when we returned after Christmas, the heat was on.

So it is now that I sit here delighted that we are near to exceeding expectations. We have just celebrated our highest ever contractor week. This year we’ve already placed in excess of 100 candidates into temporary and permanent jobs.

So what does this all mean?

It means we are now entering into a new phase of Charles Hunter Associates. We’re continuing our growth as we must do, and in turn shaping the future of the business. It is our collective ambition to build the company, expand our market share and also our markets themselves.

We’re able to offer aspiring or experienced recruiters the opportunity to join something special. A group of likeminded individuals who all want to make their mark. Our sector is unlike the typical Reading recruiter. We are real, human and ethical. Our hard work may well indeed contribute to a market leading commission scheme and high earning potential, but equally we are changing the lives of others, every day. From our dedicated Care Workers, supporting those in residential homes, through to our Social Workers protecting vulnerable children and adults, these people are working the frontline. They are the nuts and bolts that hold our society together.

I can only sit here and smile at the year ahead. Opportunity, progression and development is in order. Having just signed to what is probably the biggest contract win in several years and having to now pour over a number of other key contract tenders, our offering is only going to see the expansion we wish for.

In the next 2 weeks we will be releasing our latest showcase video, promoting working at Charles Hunter Associates. It is big, bold and different. It shows you what we are all about, but best of all, it highlights the fact that in Reading right now, there is a recruiter about to step into the eyes of all and offer the best talent out there, the best in class of companies to work for locally. Watch this space.

Anyway, back to it and based on our results this week – I’m buying my superstar staff their lunch.

Having worked in the recruitment industry for more than 15 years, Jonathan Wadsworth is the founder and Managing Director of Charles Hunter Associates.