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Employee Spotlight: Drew Marlow

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Employee Spotlight: Drew Marlow

This month, we have spoken to Senior Consultant, Drew Marlow. His employee spotlight has focused on why he chose Charles Hunter Associates and what made us stand out from the rest!

Name: Drew Marlow

Role: Senior Consultant

Joined: February 2017

Why did you choose Charles Hunter Associates?

I was keen to get into recruitment due to the uncapped commission and high potential earnings. I loved the idea that you get out what you put in. I met with a number of other agencies in Reading first and I was actually beginning to feel that Recruitment might not be for me. That was until I came in and met with the Senior Management team at Charles Hunter Associates. I was sold on the ideology of the business, the growth plans they had, and the market they recruit for.

What is the progression like here?

The progression here is laid out in front of you from day one. You have to work hard but you never feel overwhelmed or unsupported. All your targets are highly achievable, and you know exactly what you need to do to go from Trainee to Consultant to Senior and beyond. All you need do is knuckle down, work hard, and reap the benefits. 

Can you describe the work environment?

The work environment here is the best I’ve ever experienced. They throw a networking event so you can get to know everyone prior to your first day. It’s a great way of avoiding those first day nerves. Once in the role you are surrounded by driven, motivated and supportive individuals who are always on call should you need advice. From Director to Consultant, everyone plays a part and lends a hand. 

Any final comments?

Joining Charles Hunter Associates was the simplest choice I’ve ever made. It’s refreshing to join an organisation that hasn't sold you a pipe dream. They told me what was expected and they've given me all the support necessary to achieve my goals.
I’ve been here since Feb 2017 and since then I have managed to fly through probation and I've been promoted to Senior Consultant, all within 16 months. Without the excellent training, support from Managers and constant encouragement it wouldn’t have been possible. 
I’m now working towards my next promotion with clear goals set in place!
If you are interested in joining Charles Hunter Associates, you can view our current vacancies here.