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Our Charity of the Year for 2018

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Our Charity of the Year for 2018

Our Chosen Charity is... 

The Intensive Care Unit at Royal Berkshire Hospital

The Intensive Care Unit at Royal Berkshire Hospital is for patients who have life threatening conditions, either through serious injury or illness. The ICU currently holds 17 patients who require constant care and observation. 

Charles Hunter Associates has decided to make the ICU their chosen Charity of the Year to help raise the funds for two further Video Laryngoscopes. This piece of equipment is vital for when patients stop breathing or when they are put under anaesthesia. It allows the doctor to see a live video image of the patient’s airways and overcome any complications there may be. We are hoping to raise enough money to fund two new Video Laryngoscopes, which will cost £2000.

Our chosen charity is one that is extremely close to home this year. In November 2017, our Payroll and Accounts Manager, Sophie Welch, was rushed to the ICU with a severe case of Bacterial Meningitis. It was an extremely tough time for all of us at CHA, but throughout this horrific period, one thing that stood out was how amazing the staff were in the ICU. They were constantly on hand to answer any questions, to provide support to family and friends and generally just helping everyone through a very tough time.

We are extremely pleased to say that Sophie has made a full recovery! She spent one week in the ICU and we are delighted to see her back in the office again. Not only that, but Sophie is adamant she will complete the Three Peaks Challenge in 24 hours, along with Jonathan, Jack, Emily, and Drew.

Along with the Three Peaks Challenge, members of CHA will be completing several other fundraising events. They include: a Skydive, a 5k Inflatable Run, Reading Half Marathon, Soapbox Challenge (run by Royal Berkshire Hospital) and a Charity Car Boot Sale. We are extremely excited for the year ahead and we would really appreciate any support in reaching our goal of £2000.


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