​Olivia works as a compliance officer supporting our temporary social work division. She is tasked with maintaining our high standards of compliance in the business and ensuring we retain our coveted compliance and accreditation.

Background Story

I started my career in compliance when I was 19 and loved it! I left to travel New Zealand, Australia, Bali and Thailand with my boyfriend. When I came back to the UK I decided to try out some other roles, I worked in Marketing and Sales in the property sector but both roles just didn’t fulfil me. I applied for a consultant role with Charles Hunter initially, then a compliance opportunity arose and I was sold. I’ve never looked back and I am so grateful to be where I am today.

Biggest Achievement

Having my lovely little boy, Louie. He keeps me on my toes but being a parent is so rewarding

Why Charles Hunter Associates?

I worked alongside CHA in my previous role, I knew a couple of consultants anyway which made the interview process a lot more comfortable for me, then meeting more of the team made me realise this is the sort of company I want to work for. 2 years on and I wouldn’t dream of leaving!

How would your team best describe you in three words?

Helpful, kind and committed