Background Story

After finishing sixth form in the summer of 2022, I was undecided on my next step. I knew I wanted to get into a business-related role but I didn’t know what sector specifically so I decided to take a gap year where I went full time at Sainsbury’s. I ended up choosing recruitment due to the progressive nature of the industry, and I feel I would be able to translate some of my previous experience of working with people into it.

Biggest Achievement

My biggest achievement would be my A Level results, particularly my maths grade as the subject required a lot of patience and practise for me to get good at.

Why Charles Hunter Associates?

As I’m coming into recruitment with no prior experience in the industry, I was looking to work for a company that provided good training with a clear sense of progression and Charles Hunter Associates provides this. On top of this, the team are friendly and welcoming and I felt this from the first interview.

How would your team best describe you in three words?

Motivated, fun, friendly