Katherine works within our temporary social work division to identify excellent social workers looking for their next challenge

Background Story

Further education such as university was not the right path for me. Getting myself straight into a working role was a very important goal. Working in a job such as retail did not bring me enough excitement as I wanted to start really achieving and progressing in a career. The opportunity arose to join Charles Hunter Associates which was a very exciting opportunity.

Biggest Achievement

My biggest achievement would be my involvement with competing in the South of England Netball league. This was an important experience for me as it enabled me to be able to work hard under pressure whilst doing something that I love.

Why Charles Hunter Associates?

Charles Hunter Associates appealed to me due to it’s company ethics and community. As my first recruitment job, the way new consultants are supported into the company and the industry is far more understanding and accommodating of prior knowledge and experience than many other companies.

How would your team best describe you in three words?

Positive, perceptive and confident