Heather works within our Payroll Team as a Payroll Officer. She works closely with all divisions across the business to ensure the payroll process is an efficient as possible.

Background Story

My office career started through a youth training scheme (YTS) where I joined a small advertising company.  From here like many teenagers, I had no idea what career I wanted to follow so embarked on several jobs before eventually returning to the office world joining a leading security company, which is where my career kicked off! I remained in this industry for nearly 20 years supporting senior management, customers, and staff before eventually moving on to the world of customer services and facilities management.

Biggest Achievement

Becoming a parent at the tender age of 18!! Without question, the most challenging yet immensely rewarding of achievements. 

Why Charles Hunter Associates?

The company ethos and values – being part of a people industry. I just felt the company and position mirrors my passion of people.

How would your team best describe you in three words?

Honest, Determined, Loyal