Brian is a team manager, responsible for the growth and development or our children's services social work division.

Background Story

Like many I started my career behind a bar which was an industry I loved working in, achieving a Bar Manager position at 21. I then moved into Customer Service and Telesales roles until securing a Call Centre Team Manager position at 25, before moving into Recruitment at 27. I now work as Team Leader within our Children’s Social Work Temp division and look forward to where my future here at Charles Hunter Associates will take me next.  

Biggest Achievement

I was able to purchase my first property at the age of 26, without any financial help from Friends or Family. Being able to achieve such a huge milestone in my adult life independently is probably my biggest achievement to date, although my family would probably say being able to keep it tidy is …

Why Charles Hunter Associates?

At the time I had never worked in Recruitment, and although I had many years of sales experience, Charles Hunter Associates felt like a nurturing organisation where I could develop my skills as a Recruiter

How would your team best describe you in three words?

Driven, social, old