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Approved Umbrella Companies

Charles Hunter Associates only approves Umbrella Companies that have been vigorously audited externally and have proven to operate in a legitimate and compliant way.

It is Charles Hunter Associates obligation under the Criminal Finances Act 2017 to ensure that any provider that our contractors use, are not avoiding or evading payment of any revenues owed to HMRC.

Charles Hunter Associates only recommends the use of Umbrella Companies that are approved and accredited by the FCSA (Freelance and Contractors Association).

The FCSA provides a rigorous auditing service to ensure all approved Umbrella Companies are operating legitimately and in line with the law. You can view a list of approved providers here -

Please do note that the use of an unaccredited Umbrella Company severely increases your risk that you could be evading tax payments. HMRC are clear that they will pursue any individual who is deemed to have been paid through an unscrupulous payment method and claim back all tax owed through all means necessary. 

Further information and guidance from HMRC can be found here -