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Nathanya Legesse

Nathanya Legesse, Consultant, CharlesHunter
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My Bio

Nathanya is a Consultant for our Locum Adults' Social Workers desk. He recruits for East London and East Anglia.

Background Story
I started working in retail while I was still in education. I spent over 2 years with the same company, working in many different roles. Although I did enjoy my time there I wanted more of a challenge. I also wanted to be rewarded for the hard work that I put in. After finishing education, the only thing that made sense was Recruitment.
Biggest Achievement
Achieved AAB in my A levels in Maths Economics and Physics. It had been a very challenging year, so I was extremely pleased with myself when I received these results. 
Why Charles Hunter Associates?
They were honest with me. When I was applying for the role, they told me that my lack of experience might hinder my search for a job in Recruitment. However, they still gave me an opportunity in a role better than originally offered because they believed in me!
How would your team best describe you in three words?
Hungry, poised and integrity 

Community Rehab Mental Health Social Worker
  • £29 - £31 per hour
  • North East London, London
  • Contract
Integrated Community Senior Social Worker
  • £33 - £35 per hour
  • Redbridge, London
  • Contract
Transformation Review Social Worker
  • £29 - £30 per hour
  • Lambeth, London
  • Contract

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