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Kenny Mansfield

Kenny Mansfield, Consultant, CharlesHunter
United Kingdom
Telephone 01189485555
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My Bio

Kenny is a Consultant on the Locum Social Work team, covering both Adults' and Children's Social Work Recruitment in the West of England and Wales.

Background Story
Following on from a career within the Hospitality sector, I decided to make a change to the Recruitment industry to improve my career and personal progression opportunities. With a background in the very demanding and high intensity world of Events and Banqueting, I certainly had a proven record of working under pressure, looking forward to embracing and overcoming each challenge as it arrives.

Biggest Achievement
My biggest achievement to date would be Skydiving back in 2014. What a RUSH!

Why Charles Hunter Associates?
The reason for choosing Charles Hunter Associates boiled down to the people. The clear views of all the consultants I met, and the open (yet clearly competitive) approach I had seen confirmed that this was the best environment for me to achieve my goals.

How would your team describe you in three words?
Committed, Competitive, Cheeky

Duty and Assessment Locum Social Worker
  • Up to £30 per hour
  • Dudley, West Midlands
  • Contract
Locum Social Worker - Fostering Team
  • Up to £30 per hour
  • Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
  • Contract
Senior Practitioner - Fostering
  • Up to £35 per hour
  • Wiltshire
  • Contract

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