Background Story

I started my career in the environmental sector supporting conservationists enrolled in courses in tropical biology. I had a great time interacting with all of the many learners I met, arranging for their study and travel needs for these courses, getting their input, and then closely collaborating with the trainers to implement the necessary adjustments. To put it briefly, I enjoyed helping them and developed close bonds with them. I definitely started honing my relationship-building techniques at this point. Let's fast-forward to my recruitment experience, which began around 2.5 years ago. Here, I had the chance to work in the healthcare industry, closely collaborating with healthcare providers and various hospitals and clinics to meet the demands of both the facilities and the providers.

Developing solutions that satisfy the demands of my candidates and clients is something I am enthusiastic about. Every client and candidate has unique needs. I truly appreciate this and make it a point to comprehend the needs of everyone.

Biggest Achievement?

My voluntary work in conservation and community engagement.

Why Charles Hunter Associates?

The culture! Everyone is very friendly welcoming and supportive, allowing you to be your authentic self. In addition, the training and personal development opportunities provided.

How would your team best describe you in three words?

Honest, Collaborative, Dedicated