Shanay works in our temporary social care division supporting clients and candidates within adult social care.

Background Story

My first fulltime position was as a Support Worker, supporting vulnerable adults and it was such an amazing role to be able to make such a difference to peoples lives for the better. The opportunity arose for a recruitment position, which I chose to pursue! After being in Recruitment for just over 1 Year, I realised I love the role and what it required and knew that it was something I want to continue to do. When an opportunity to join Charles Hunter Associates came up I grabbed it, and now I could continue to give back and make a difference to peoples lives and continue to do what I enjoy.

Biggest Achievement

I would say my biggest achievement is becoming an independent adult and buying my first car without relying on my parents to get it for me.

Why Charles Hunter Associates?

I had previously worked as a recruitment consultant and prior to that as a support worker, so felt it made sense and gave me an advantage as I know what my candidates do day in, day out and can genuinely relate to them. Also, Charles Hunter Associates stood for everything I was looking for in a company, they offered support, progression, had great benefits and had a great team environment.

How would your team best describe you in three words?

Focused, dedicated, honest