Adeel has joined Charles Hunter Associates as a Recruitment Consultant in the Social Care Permanent Team.

Background Story

I started my professional career straight after college. After working in retail, I quickly realised that this wasn’t the long-term career for me. I found real enjoyment interacting with people from all walks of life; I wanted to find a career that was highly rewarding and whereby I could continue to work with and interact with different people from all over. I love the choice that I have made by going into recruitment as it has given me that very platform to do so. I love every aspect of being a Recruitment Consultant and have now joined Charles Hunter Associates to take the next positive step forward in my career. I am looking forward to becoming an essential part of the business and will strive to continue providing exceptional support by placing the best talent into the care sector.

Biggest Achievement

Progressing in my career early on. I have high hopes of reaching a management position one day in recruitment and starting in Charles Hunter Associates gives me the opportunity to progress to where I want to be.

Why Charles Hunter Associates?

After working as an Internal recruiter, I wanted a change in my environment and career progression. Charles Hunter Associates is offering career progression and a more highly rewarding recruitment role. Switching from an Internal Recruiter to 360 Recruitment Consultant role, I have the chance to progress in my career and achieve bigger milestones.

How would your team best describe you in three words?

Funny, Energetic, Humble