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Cassie Hoskings

Cassie Hoskings, Consultant, CharlesHunter
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My Bio

Cassie is a consultant on the locum social work team, covering both adults and children social work recruitment in the West of England and Wales.

Background Story

I started working immediately after completing secondary education. I just felt that further studying wasn't for me, and I wanted to start making money! I worked in the beauty industry for eight years and although I progressed to management level and enjoyed the creativity, I never felt rewarded for the hard work I was putting in. My Fiance works in recruitment so I got to see all the highs and lows, as well as the amazing rewards. I just knew I had to get involved! 

Biggest Achievement

Getting a mortgage and buying my first property!

Why Charles Hunter Associates?

I chose Charles Hunter Associates as I've had personal connections to those benefiting from the social care industry, as well as those working in it. I wanted to work in a sector that I could feel really passionate about, and this seemed like a great fit. 

As soon as I arrived for my first interview I felt welcomed and at ease. I could tell straight away that this was a team that I wanted to join!

How would your team best describe you in three words?

Charismatic, tenacious, committed.

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