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Alex Mosdell

Alex Mosdell, Consultant, CharlesHunter
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Background Story

In 2018, I decided to leave my old career as a controls engineer and return to college to study psychology. After college, I applied and got accepted into the University of Reading. I studied Psychology & Philosophy for one term before making another big life change and withdrawing to focus on a new career. My love for people and desire for personal success naturally lead me to recruitment.


Biggest Achievement

In the summer of 2018, I travelled around Central America, visiting: Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador and Guatemala. During this time I climbed and camped out on volcanos, adventured into ancient Mayan caves, lived with locals and immersed myself into a variety of new cultures.


Why Charles Hunter Associates?

For me, Charles Hunter Associates really stood out from the crowd. The staff were very welcoming and the office has a great atmosphere. They invest in their employees with excellent training and progression opportunities. Due to my studies in Psychology, it was great to be able to work for a recruitment company that specialised in the social work/care sector.  


How would your team best describe you in three words?


Competitive, Motivated, Kind

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